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[HQ] Demi Lovato attends UFC 175 in Las Vegas - July 5 

[HQ] Demi Lovato at the Hollywood Bowl for #MYBigNightOut

Demi Lovato (Chris Colfer & Adam Lambert) in Glee 5x10 “Trio” Stills [UHQ]

Demi Lovato at the press conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil (Tagged) [HQ] 10/14

Demi Lovato - We Day Minnesota

DEMI Photoshoot Pictures [HQ]


Scans by obsessedwithdemi/justcatchmedemi


Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony at Topshop in New York [HQ] 5/13 

Demi Lovato performing at Wango Tango [HQ] 5/11