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JUST LEAVE DEMI ALONE! Is that so hard?

1. For her thinking that “life” is about falling in love and starting a family. That’s what it means to her so what? I think that’s really sweet. And a lot of women believe that they were born to just reproduce again. So if that’s what Demi’s dream is support her don’t tear her down! And it’s not like she want children now, she’s talking about in the future!

2. The people who are still passing around that petition for WCAT/This Is Me to be back on tour. Why are you forcing her to do something she clearly doesn’t want to? She still needs s p a c e from Joe considering how he’s bringing Ashley to all of the concerts again. I wouldn’t want to sing love songs with my ex either. You should be respecting her wishes and give them time to rebuild their relationship. The media and the fans always bugging them about it doesn’t make it easier. You love Jemi’s friendship so much, then let them deal with it their way and eventually they will hopefully be back on track.

Sorry for ranting!  & Haters STFU, I don’t wanna hear it!

"You have haters? Good, it means you were standing up for something." - Eminem (this is me standing up for demi)!


Dear Haters (specifically the Demi ones)

If you’re going to hate on Demi knock yourself out but don’t ever bring up something as shallow as telling her to “go cut herself”. That just takes it way too far. You should be ashamed of yourself. And i’m not going to call you bad names or bitch out at you because i’d be wasting my time. You know what you did was wrong and just know that karma’s going to come back at you 100 times harder.